A comprehensive deepfake detection tool with actionable insights

Monitoring, detection and mitigation: three different levels of action make Deeptrace a reliable partner for decision makers.

We provide our customers a robust technology to face the deepfakes threat, limiting negative effects on people, public institutions and brands.


We discover and classify deepfakes uploaded on social media, video hosting platforms, and disinformation networks, providing real time alerts and analytics on risk for organizations and individuals
Real time notifications



Our proprietary detection technology leverages the latest advances in deep learning and video forensics, and elaborates intelligence around the authenticity of visual content
Face morphing detection

GAN generated images

Visual fingerprint integrity


We provide tools and expert support in removing compromising content, notify terms infringement, and blacklist domains connected with the creation or spread of deepfake videos
Content takedown

Blacklist sources
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Intuitive graphical interface
cloud based
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Programmable integration in your software system
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